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Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Set To Debut In December

I don’t know about all my fellow comic book geeks out there, but I can not wait until December!  News has dropped that the very first trailer for the much-anticipated Wonder Woman 1984 will officially be released.

Admittedly, the DCEU was not in the best of places before they released the original 2017 Wonder Woman, as their two prior offerings, Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, pretty much tanked at the box office.  Wonder Woman brought back the hope that the DCEU had a future on the big screen after all.

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This hope was achieved through the massive worldwide success that the origin story garnered.  In fact, the film was one of the biggest hits of 2017, having raked in approximately $821.8 million across the globe.  As a result, it was no time before DC announced that they had indeed greenlighted a follow-up sequel.  That sequel is tentatively slated for a June 2020 theatrical release.

It would seem that Gal Gadot has some big shoes to fill, as she has officially become “the face” of the DCEU.  With the confirmed departure of Ben Affleck from his Batman role and early reports of an uncertain future for Henry Cavill’s Superman, all eyes are now turned to Wonder Woman 1984.

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According to an article published in Trailer Track, the trailer for the newest entry into the Wonder Woman franchise is expected to debut on December 8th, during the Sao Paulo Comic Con Experience.  Speculation is that the official online release will occur sometime shortly after.

The question now is—can Gadot’s Wonder Woman continue the hot streak that it seems that the DCEU is currently experiencing?  Although no one knows for sure, and only time will tell just how it all will play out, one thing we can be sure of is that come December, we will finally get a definitive look into what to expect.