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Woman Adopts Childhood Pet Without Realizing It

In a wonderful case of serendipity, a woman adopted a dog that turned out to be the same dog she had growing up.

When Nicole Grimes was 10, her grandmother gave her a Pomeranian-poodle mix named Chloe. As an only child, Chloe became her constant companion.

“I really loved this dog,” Grimes recalls. “She was a special gift for me.”

Unfortunately, when Grimes was 14, she was forced to give up Chloe. Her father started working at home and was constantly distracted by the noise Chloe would make throughout the day.

“I remember I was so sad and my stomach was nervous driving her there that day,” Grimes said of the drive to the humane society to give up Chloe.

Fast forward to the present day when Grimes saw one of her Facebook friends trying to find a home for an older dog also named Chloe. The picture made Grimes, now married with a 4-month old daughter, think of Chloe, the dog from her childhood, so she decided to adopt.

“It looked very similar to my puppy when I was little,” says Grimes. “So, on a whim, I said, ‘I’ll take her.”

Sure enough, when Grimes took her new dog to the vet, her microchip number was identical to the dog Grimes had as a child. It was the same dog.

As it turns out, Chloe was taken in by an elderly couple after Grimes gave her to the human society. When the couple passed away, a neighbor who happened to be Facebook friends with Grimes took Chloe and tried to find her a new home.

As soon as Grimes got Chloe back, she immediately started to suspect it was the same dog, just by her actions. Meanwhile, Chloe was immediately affectionate toward Grimes, even after eight years apart.

It’s an unlikely story but a fitting one, as Grimes often thought of her old dog and wondered what became of her. Now she can share her new/old dog with her new family.

“She’s been so cuddly, and she fits right in here,” says Grimes. “It’s like a part of my childhood came back.”