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What The Owners Of Clean Houses Know That Most Others Don’t

We know you have at least one friend, that is a so-called “neat freak”.  The type of person who has everything in its place and their home is always clean “ as a whistle.”  Have you ever asked your self just how do they do it?  Turns out it is not really a secret, and anyone can achieve the same look.  Keep in mind, a few of these are pretty much no-brainers, but overall they are all very helpful tips.

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Procrastination Is Your Enemy

When you know that the dusting needs to be done, but you would rather binge watch OITNB, you are pretty much giving in to the enemy—procrastination.  We all know that more often than not life gets in the way.  And when it comes to housework—more often is the usual. If you get yourself into a daily routine, you shouldn’t have to spend more than twenty minutes each day for your cleaning chores.

Constant Declutter

In the day in age when everything is digitized and either available or stored on the internet, if you are still getting bills in the mail, there is no reason to hold on to them once paid.  Unless of course, you have some sentimental value attached to them, go ahead and pitch them.  Keeping old mail and bills around will quickly cause a state of unnecessary clutter.

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Don’t Over Decorate

I am not one to put a lot of decorations on the wall or have a lot of knick-knacks sitting around.  However, there are those that feel they need to cover every little inch with something.  Keep in mind, the more items you have, whether sitting or hanging, the more areas that will collect dust and in turn will need cleaning.

Spring Clean All Year

Finally, don’t leave all the hard work for the time of year known as “spring cleaning”.  Many tend to get overwhelmed and end up not cleaning at all.  We suggest that you do a “mini” spring cleaning, once a month, so that you can stay on top of the bigger issues.

As you can see, you too can have a spotless showplace of your own.  And if you have one of those friends with a home bordering on perfect, don’t tell them that we told you their secret.