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What Is The Dalgona Coffee Trend?

There are billions of people across the world who enjoy a nice cup of coffee. In fact, coffee is a very versatile drink that allows the drinker to customize it in a variety of ways. Some people take their coffee black, while others add some milk, cream or sugar.

Coffee is also prepared much differently in different parts of the world. In this time when many people around the world as confined to their homes, people are taking to social media to interact. One of the most viral videos lately has been dalgona coffee, which is a fluffy coffee drink that people are making and sharing on the social app TikTok.

Dalgona coffee is a frothy, creamy coffee drink which is greek in origin and became super popular in South Korea for being similar to dalgona candy. Dalgona coffee is made from only three ingredients instant coffee (it’s very important that people use ONLY instant coffee), sugar, and some water.


To make Dalgona coffee at home, simply find a small mixing bowl and add in two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of sugar, and two tablespoons of water. The next step is to whisk all of the ingredients together. It’s important to note that this whisking needs to occur nearly four thousand times to achieve this frothy texture.

The mixture should go from black and watery to light brown and so thick it doesn’t fall off the whisk and has stiff peaks. Part of the fun of this dalgona coffee making experience is the anywhere from five to thirty minutes it can take in order to complete the fluffy coffee mixture.

Most people insist on creating the coffee mixture by hand, but it can be achieved with a hand mixer as well. Using an electric or hand mixer will also speed up the time it takes to make the frithy coffee.

Finally, pour some milk into a small glass, and then scoop some spoonfuls of the dalgona coffee on top. Mix the drink together lightly and enjoy. Some people even try iced versions by adding some ice cubes to add to the creamy texture. Others even try a matcha latte version or a chocolate milk version.