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Video Games To Get Excited For In 2019

This past year, the gaming world was shook by sure-to-be-iconic titles like God of War, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-Man, so what’s ahead in 2019? Here are upcoming games to get ready for:


Available on Xbox One, Windows, and P24, this BioWare multiplayer RPG is similar to “Destiny.” You, the player, join up with up to three other “Freelancers” who explore the world for wealth and adventure. Unlike a lot of games of this type, there isn’t any season pass or DLC required to get in on the action. This game is expected to drop in late February.

Resident Evil 2

Originally released in 1998, developers have recreated this classic from the ground up. Iconic characters Leon and Claire will still fight their enemies in Raccoon City, drawing in new players with updated graphics and gameplay, while reminding veterans of why they love the Resident Evil series. The game will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 at the end of January.

Devil May Cry 5

When Ninja Theory rebooted Devil May Cry a few years back, people were divided. This March, DMC5 keeps a similar-looking aesthetic, but will continue with the original story explored in DCM4. Expect insane weapons like a motorcycle that possesses a “sword mode,” a robot arm, and the Faust Hat, which lets the wearer shoot fiery orbs at an enemy. You can play DMC5 on Xbox, PC, and PS4.

Days Gone

The zombie craze is still going strong, especially in video games. In “Days Gone,” you will deal with infected, feral humans known as “Freakers” in an open-world environment. Your character, Deacon, must choose beneath stealth, weapons, or simply running for dear life, which will often be the best option if you encounter a huge herd. You’ll have to be especially careful at night, when the Freakers become stronger and faster. Pick up “Days Gone” in late April on PS4.