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Vera Bradley Announces Harry Potter Collection

Over twenty years after the release of the first Harry Potter book, the franchise is still going strong as a popular part of pop culture. Fans of the series who grew up with the books and movies are now adults with their own kids, and the brand has expanded to clubs, clothes, coffee shops, businesses and even accessories.

Vera Bradley is a very recognizable accessories brand, due to its colorful and useful cloth patterned accessories from wallets to luggage. Vera Bradley offers backpacks, IDs, purses, large totes, and any size bag you can imagine in a variety of colors and styles.

Now, Vera Bradley and Harry Potter are teaming up to release a Harry Potter inspired Vera Bradley collection. The collaboration was recently announced, and a full line of products will be available in stores and online. The collection is expected to be available in June 2020.


In a press release, Rob Wallstrom, Chief Executive Officer of Vera Bradley said, “We are thrilled to partner with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to create a magical, fun collection that will appeal to all generations. We know that many of our Vera Bradley fans are also Wizarding World devotees who will love these amazing products! Additionally, we appreciate and support the messages of diversity, acceptance, hope, and equality that are woven throughout the Books and wider Wizarding World, as these closely align with Vera Bradley’s values.”

The collection is also expected to include a “cozy” line featuring a fleece robe, slippers, and a sheared throw blanket, among other items, which will be made available in November 2020. The recent announcement has created an excited buzz among Harry Potter fans who are eagerly awaiting the new items. A potential price point for the items has not been released, although they will be priced similarly to other Vera Bradley items.