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U.K. Grocery Store Lets Customers Ice Skate in Store

Grocery shopping can be a mundane and difficult task for some, but one United Kingdom-based grocery store is trying to change that. Iceland Foods, a grocery store chain based in Wales, has added an ice skating rink to its store floor so people can ice skate while they collect their food.

The store, located in London, now includes a 2,500 square foot ice rink instead of a regular floor. All customers, both adults and children, are given ice skates to wear while they shop. The skates are red or blue and have wide blades, although there have been reports that some people are struggling to skate while shopping. The store is the first in what the grocery chain hopes is a nationwide initiative in the future.

The company is marketing the unusual move at the “world’s first supermarket ice skating rink,” and made the decision to add the ice rink to benefit children. Iceland did some research and discovered that 89% of children found food shopping trips boring and four out of five parents wanted something for fun to do with their children around the holidays.

Iceland’s marketing director, Neil Hayes explained “We wanted to add some magic to Christmas food shopping.” The company also hired two professional ice skaters to come and have a training session to show others how to skate easily on the ice.

Penguin aides are available to help children who have not yet learned how to skate. Also, complimentary lockers are available for customers to store their regular shoes, which can be picked up once they skate through the check out line.

The grocery chain is known for its helpful customer service and innovation, so having an ice rink in the store isn’t a far-fetched marketing idea. They are also hoping the ice rink drives foot traffic to the store around the holiday season.