17 Years Later Haunting New Evidence Emerges In Case of Missing OK Girls

Feuds With The Sheriff

Shortly before his death, Danny had told his brother Dwayne Vancil to look towards the Craig County Sheriff should anything fateful happen to him or his family.  The Freemans had actually been caught in a prior feud with the Craig County Sheriff.  Kathy and Danny’s son Shane was shot and killed by a deputy after stealing a neighbor’s truck and rifle, and Danny was planning on filing a wrongful death suit against the department.

Matters Complicated By Conflicts Of Interest

Though a judge ruled the shooting as justifiable, this added an inherent conflict of interest.  The deputies volunteered to remove themselves from the investigation and the case was turned over to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.  The cooperative deputies proved their innocence upon successful completion of polygraph tests and the investigations continued under the authority of new officials.  Since then, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agent Steve Nutter has been following leads both near and far.

Investigators Suspect An Abduction

Steve Nutter doesn’t believe that Ashley and Lauria had anything do with the crimes.  While some people believe that the girls ran away as a result of unknown events, Nutter says that it would have been almost impossible for them to have hidden out for this long without help.  None of the family’s acquaintances went missing, so authorities believed that the girls would have been abducted by the person or people who killed the Freemans.