17 Years Later Haunting New Evidence Emerges In Case of Missing OK Girls

Shotgun Wounds And Strange Clues

Investigators immediately found the charred remains of Kathy Freeman’s body inside the trailer.  She had sustained a gunshot wound that shattered her skull.  Danny, Ashley, and Lauria’s bodies were nowhere to be found.  Lauria’s car remained untouched in front of the mobile home with its keys still in the ignition.  Investigators searched the vehicle and uncovered Lauria’s purse, containing $200.  Back in the trailer, they came across a small arsenal of weapons.

Investigators Missed One Major Thing

Danny Freeman’s body was found by Lauria’s parents the following day—unbelievably, investigators had completely overlooked his charred remains.  It turned out that his body was at the foot of the couple’s waterbed.  While Kathy was found lying facedown on the bed with a posterior gunshot wound, Danny had sustained a shotgun blast that sheared off the bottom of his face.  Officials could not explain why they had missed the body during their first day of investigations.

The Girls Have Never Been Found

Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman have never been found, though investigators have presented a myriad of theories and tracked down many leads over the years.  When officials had only uncovered Kathy’s body, they believed that Danny was responsible for her murder and that he had kidnapped the two girls.  That, of course, was disproved within a day.  Other theories speculated that Danny was a drug dealer or that Ashley had killed her own parents.