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Toys R US Announces It Will Re-Open Stores In The US

Drum roll, please!!!  Toys R Us has announced that Geoffrey the Giraffe is coming back!!

The former global chief merchandising officer at Toys R Us, and current CEO of Tru Kids Brands, Richard Barry, has been reported as planning to reopen some of the shutdown Toys R Us locations in the US later in the year.

An unnamed source told CNN:

“We’re definitely coming back in 2019.  At minimum two stores.  There’s more planned for 2020.  It is worth mentioning that the planned stores to reopen will be smaller than their original counterparts, and are being termed as “experimental.”

Barry stated that the company is working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bring the stores back to life.  He also noted that the company has a specific plan on how to get the retailer back in action in the US.

Image: Saving Dollars & Sense

Although 2018 saw the shuttering of over 700 stores within the US, the brand is still going strong overseas.  The company still has a multitude of locations open in Europe, Asia and India, with even more overseas locations slated to open later in the year.

The billionaire executive toymaker, whose brainchild Bratz Dolls is a major success, Isaac Larian, stated he hopes they are successful.  He said that he felt there was a need for a toy chain such as Toys R Us in the US, or at least one like it.

During the 2018 holidays, Tru Kids Brands worked in conjunction with the grocery retailer Kroger, to set up what was referred to as “Geoffrey’s Toy Box.”  This collaboration took place at over 600 locations nationwide.  The promotion made use of the well known and world famous giraffe mascot, and the results were an excellent success.

Image: CBS Denver

It is yet to be determined how well the newly opened locations will do, and if there will indeed be an expansion on the locations.  However, one thing is for sure, kids everywhere are cheering and singing at the news of Geoffrey’s return.