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Toblerone Lava Cakes Now Exist

Attention chocolate lovers! Toblerone, the iconic Swiss chocolate candy bar which comes shaped in a triangular box and is mixed with honey and almond nougat, is getting a bit of a makeover. Now, this specific chocolate bar is going to also be available in the freezer section.

The company recently revealed the new Toblerone Lava Cakes, which are two soft centered lavav cakes, topped with melted toblerone. The small lava cakes are traditional circular chocolate cakes with a liquid chocolate filling. The toblerone topping which covers the lava cake adds texture with the crunchy almond nougat and of course adds even more chocolate flavor.

These lava cakes come in a square box in the traditional Toblerone yellow with the large, red block letter title, and two images of the chocolate lave cakes, one of which has a piece missing to show the gooey chocolate inside. The best part is that each box actually has two Toblerone lava cakes inside of it. Each box is about six ounces in weight and packed full of calories.


The news of the new product has first broken by social media account @candyhunting, although the Toblerone lava cakes seem to be a scarce item to find. The image caption reads “New Toblerone Lava Cakes are out now!! Huge thanks to @aimras25 for the picture! She found the lava cakes at Shaw’s.” This is a small grocery chain in the Boston, Massachusetts area, which is owned by Albertsons.

However, there is no official retail price available for these Toberlone lava cakes, which should be similarly priced to other frozen cake products. There is also no information available about whether or not these Toberlone lava cakes will be available in additional grocery chains in the future or if this is some type of test market for Toberlone lava cakes.