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Three Of the Most Controversial Video Games Ever Created

Video games are no longer viewed as the hobby of the social outcast. You can actually make a lot of money playing them, as the winner of the Fortnite World Cup can tell you. The 16-year old just won $3 million. However, not all video games are winners. In fact, many of them are controversial or just straight-up offensive. Here a brief rundown:

Custer’s Revenge

No one would know about this game if it wasn’t so brazenly offensive. Produced by the now defunct Mystique company, the 1982 game gave players control over “General Custer.” In reality, this general died in the Battle of Little Bighorn, but in this game, he comes back for “revenge.” What is that revenge, exactly?  Assaulting a Native American woman tied to a stake. When the game was sold, it cost a shocking $130 in 2018 dollars, and was labeled with a “NOT FOR SALE TO MINORS.” Though it came out almost four decades ago, it still pops up on lists of the worst video games ever made. 

Super Columbine Massacre RPG!

Released in 2005, this role-playing game seems like a bad idea from the start. It recreates the Columbine High School shootings, with players controlling the shooters. At first glance, this is kind of a horrifying concept, but the creator actually intended the free game to be a criticism of how the media sensationalized the shooting. His intent didn’t really matter, however, and news outlets attacked the game. The attention did provoke hundreds of thousands of downloads, however. The creator even released a documentary about the backlash. 

The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary

Another game based on a real shooting, “The Slaying of Sandy Hook Elementary” was not met with a warmer welcome than the Columbine game. “The Slaying” has two modes: a main mode where the shooting unfolds as it did in reality, and a second option, where players have to figure out what to do if the shooter couldn’t get his mother’s guns. The game appears to be suggesting that simply keeping the guns locked up could have prevented the devastating tragedy. Of course, most people didn’t get that from a quick glance at the title, and at least one person tried reporting the game’s creator to the FBI.