Did Ya Know?

This Guy Has Been Live-Tweeting From His Haunted Apartment For A Month And It Is Seriously Starting To Freak Me Out

I’ve said it before when discussing thing things like aliens, demons, angels, and ghosts with friends (are you getting a feel for the types of people I hang out with?). I’m not so full of myself that I can presume to say that I’m 100% sure that such things can’t or don’t exist.

I mean, someone from 1517 would probably string me up as a witch if I tried to explain germ theory to them. Who’s to say that by 2517 we won’t have discovered that hey, ghosts are just dimensionally challenged folk that need a little understanding?

I tend to be a bit of a skeptic at heart, but I do try to keep an open mind. For the most part. Take Adam Ellis’ “Dear David” saga on Twitter, for instance. My first reaction was something like, “OK, whatever dude.” Then I read a bit more and couldn’t help but be pulled into the story. After all, who doesn’t like a good ghost story?

He Had Some Dreams

It all started with a series of dreams Adam had about a dead child with a large misshapen head. In the first dream, the child stared at him from a rocking chair that was at the foot of Adam’s bed, then stood and started shuffling toward the bed. Adam woke before the child got to the bed.


In the next dream, Adam was in a library with a girl who told him the boy’s name was David, that he was dead, and only appeared at midnight. She also said that Adam could ask him two questions if he started them with “Dear David,” but not to ask a third on pain of death.

A couple weeks go by, then Adam had another dream. David is staring at Adam from the rocking chair. Adam asked David how he died and learned it was from a shelf falling over in a department store.

Things Get Weirder

OK, so having a series of weird dreams about a kid with a big ‘ole dent in his head would be pretty unnerving, I’ll give you that. At the end of the day, though, they’re just dreams, right?

Well, here’s where things start getting weirder.

Shortly after Adam’s third dream, Adam’s cats started gathering at his front door at exactly midnight and just sat there staring at it. This started in early August and has continued. Then Adam started getting phone calls from an unknown number, between 10:30 and midnight, over and over. When he answered one, all he got was static, and a small voice, barely heard, that said “hello.”


Nope. Just Nope.

Here’s where things start to cross over to the really bizarre. Adam continued to have dreams of David, but mostly they were just of David sitting in the chair staring at him.

Then, on August 21, he dreamt that David was dragging him by the arm through an old abandoned warehouse.

The creep factor goes up to eleven when he noticed a big ole bruise the next morning on the same arm David had been dragging him by in the dream.


The latest development is some video footage that Adam caught on a motion sensor cam he installed. It alerts him to sound and movement via an app when he’s away from the apartment.

In one video, the green chair that Adam first saw David sitting in (in his dream) appears to rock back and forth on its own. In another, something he has hung on the wall seems to fall off for no reason.

Adam put the green chair in the hall and his last tweet was that he hoped nothing else happens tonight. Sweet dreams, Adam. May the Force be with you.