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These Adorable Pets Are Illegal in Some Parts of the World

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Mini Pigs

In recent years, mini pigs have made a huge splash on social media. More and more people are announcing that they’ve adopted mini pigs as their newest pets. And while these adorable, pocket-sized pigs are cute and perfectly sized to keep in your home, you might want to think twice before adopting one.

Mini pigs are getting banned around the world at a rapid rate. Ever since the trend of bringing mini pigs home as pets began, U.S. states and other locales have started making them illegal. Many U.S. cities have put mini pigs on their lists of banned animals. Now, most local governments consider mini pigs — and pigs of all other sizes — livestock, meaning they can’t live within city limits.


Bengal Cats

Bengal cats, like mini pigs, have become an increasingly popular and common household pet. These gorgeous cats, which look like mini wild cats with their dramatic spots and stripes, are much bigger than your average domestic cat. And they can have a temperament that belies their connection to the wild cats in their lineage.

Although Bengals are pretty popular, you won’t want to make one your next furry friend unless they’re actually legal in your area. Multiple U.S. states have banned Bengal cats as pets. You won’t be able to keep your cat if you live in places like New York, Georgia, Massachusetts, Iowa, Alaska, Hawaii, Delaware, Connecticut, or Indiana. Even some cities, like Seattle and Denver, have specific Bengal bans.

Even though Bengals can be great cats, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service considers these cats to be a “wildlife hybrid.” So, even if Bengal cats are legal in your state and city, you’ll need a special permit to own one.

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Hybrid Cats

Bengal cats are banned because they’re technically a hybrid between a normal cat and a wild, exotic cat. And you probably also didn’t realize that many other special cat breeds are considered hybrids.

That’s right: your hybrid breed cuddly cat could be a totally illegal wild animal. At least, that’s what nine states (including Hawaii, New York, and Massachusetts), two cities (Seattle and Denver), and some other regions say. 

Hybrid cats like the Chausie, Savannah, Serengeti, and Safari may be cute little fur balls who love to play and cuddle up with their humans. But unfortunately, these breeds are created by mingling a wild cat with a domesticated cat. And for some places in the world, these hybrids are still far too wild to be able to live comfortably and safely as your pet.