Awesome Idea

These 3 DIY Wooden Spool Projects Are Easy And Beautifully Rustic!

Nothing beats taking an otherwise boring object and transforming it into a work of art. Wooden spools are readily available at a variety of hardware stores or even online, and they have become a highly versatile home decor staple.

These three DIY wooden spool projects add a touch of rustic flair to any home, yard, or patio, and they are simple to make for any crafty homeowner!

The Perfect Planter

A wooden spool can add a unique touch to any garden. Create a captivating planter by cutting out a portion of the center of the spool to make a great space for some plants to grow. A wooden spool keeps your greenery looking natural while still creating a striking focal point!

An Elegant Mantelpiece

Bring added elegance to your living or dining room by creating a stunning piece to hang on your mantel. Take one end of a spool and paint it a color that compliments your walls and furniture. You can even sand down the piece of wood to resemble a precious antique.

Add the numbers of the clock by purchasing house address numbers or paint them on for a more authentic look. All you need are moving arms to make this clock come to life!

Perk Up Your Porch

An inviting gathering place on your porch or patio is a must. Repurposing a wooden spool into an adorable outside table is as simple or as intricate as you want to make it. Paint the top of the spool to make the table into a work of personal art or add a floral arrangement to give it a fresh finish.

Add some funky chairs and you have a gorgeous table set and a quick conversation starter. Repurposing wooden spools is a simple weekend project that can be completed by anyone who has a little bit of time and an active, decorative imagination!