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The Cutest “Then and Now” Photos of Pups and Their People

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A Shared Snack

No matter their age, both people and pups absolutely love snacks. And this adorable duo has been sharing snacks for years and years. From a young age, this dog and her human best friend  have been snacking on treats. Even years later in the recreated photo, it’s clear there’s love in the eyes of both of these buddies.


A boy and his Fur-Ever Friend

Is there anything as adorable as this boy and his furry best friend? In the original photo, the two are both young and carefree, sharing the first of many friendly hugs. And years later, with both the dog and his favorite human all grown up, they’re still taking time to hug each other. It’s so sweet to see how the two have almost aged together!


The Cuddliest of Friends

Is there anything better than curling up under the covers at the end of a long day? For this girl and her dog, it’s a time-honored tradition that’s been happening for years. As a bright-eye kid and a young pup, the duo curled up before bedtime. And years later, they’re still sharing pillows and blankets, spending precious time together.