The Toilet Paper Lipstick Trend You’ll Probably Never Try

The world of makeup is always full of surprises. It’s almost impossible to keep up with the never-ending beauty trends, but the latest in edgy makeup will send you running to the bathroom—literally.

Toilet paper lip is the latest in bizarre (and rather uncalled for) makeup artistry, and the internet is having a great time laughing about this impractical look. This trend first hit the scene when renowned beauty Instagram user Gretta Agazzi tried it on for size. Since then, others have followed suit to see what all the buzz is about.

Two YouTubers Tried It On For Size

Inspired by Agazzi’s Instagram, YouTubers Saifya Nygaard and Candace Lowry decided to try their hand at this toilet paper couture. The two gathered their supplies: lip gloss, eyelash glue, and a roll of toilet paper. Once they applied the eyelash glue to their lips, it was time to tear up the toilet paper and apply it to their faces.

The Application Process Was Meticulous

Once they layered their top and bottom lips with this basic bathroom necessity, they proceeded to apply glitter gloss.

“It’s funny, because toilet paper is usually on another side of your body, on a different set of lips,” Nygaard joked. Uncomfortable and feeling rather ridiculous, it was time for this YouTube pair to hit the streets and see how people react to this unforgettable look.

The General Public Isn’t Feeling This Bizarre Style

The verdict? People were definitely put off by this ridiculous lip style. One bystander commented that it “sounds uncomfortable, while another stated, “you look like you’re struggling to talk right now.” These people were on to something—both vloggers admitted that it was hard to smile and rather impossible to eat with their toilet paper-adorned lips. “I think as soon as you say the word toilet paper, people are like Oh, I don’t want that’,” Nygaard admitted. It’s probably best to reserve the toilet paper for your bum, and definitely nowhere near your mouth!

It’s probably best to reserve the toilet paper for your behind, and definitely nowhere near your mouth!