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The Most Protective Dog Breeds

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There are plenty of reasons people choose to bring dogs into their homes and their families — and one of the most common is protection. Dogs may be cute, cuddly, and incredibly friendly, but they can also protect you and your home from dangers. Whether their barking scares away would-be intruders, their watchful eyes help them spot visitors, or they intuitively protect you from a dangerous situation like a fire, dogs can keep you both safe and stop harm ever reaching you.

But not all dogs are natural protectors. Some breeds are far more protective and alert than others. And certain types of dogs have actually been bred to be more watchful so they can act as guard dogs for anyone and any family. With the right training, the right personality, and the right breeding background, certain dogs can be a perfect fit for those who are looking for a highly protective pet. 

Here are some of the most protective dog breeds in existence. When you adopt one of these breeds, you’ll have a pup who can sense trouble, recognize intruders, and keep you safe. 



The Akita is a popular dog breed, but it’s also an unexpectedly protective breed. Akitas, on average, weigh between 70 and 130 pounds, making them a large and somewhat intimidating dog. They’re quiet and careful, but that doesn’t mean the Akita isn’t also incredibly alert.

With always-erect pointed ears and senses that are always tuned to environmental changes, the Akita is a highly protective breed. These dogs are suspicious of any strangers — or really, anyone they don’t immediately recognize. They may be fun and friendly with their families, but Akitas will immediately protect their packs. If your Akita thinks danger is near, it won’t hesitate to act.

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Never heard of the Boerboel breed? This lesser-known dog breed may not be very popular among most pet owners, but it’s a favorite among dog owners who want a protective companion. With a temperament that’s confident and calm, the Boerboel is cool and collected around its owners and its loved ones. But when strangers or danger enter the picture, the intelligent Boerboel won’t hesitate to act.

Boerboel pups are sleek and powerful, highly intelligent and unafraid. These dogs are true guardians, and they naturally protect both their homes and their families. The breed was actually bred to be this protective, as these dogs originated in South Africa and were trained to protect homes from wild predators. You’ll need a little training to properly direct a Boerboel’s protective spirit, but these pups become strong and confident in no time.