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The Most Haunted Houses In The World

Today is Halloween! While we spend just one night dressing up as scary or fun characters and celebrating, some places are haunted 24/7. Here are four with the most active ghosts:

England: The Ancient Ram Inn

This 12th-century inn is supposedly built on a pagan graveyard where children were ritually-sacrificed. People who dare to stay overnight at the bed-and-breakfast tell tales of weeping and children’s voices. One of the owners claimed he was dragged from his bed the first night he stayed, and only found peace when he barred the door. His daughter, who took over the inn’s management, decorates the rooms with stuffed animals to calm the children’s spirits.    

Holland: Doorwerth Castle

During the 1500’s, a noblewoman named Klara lived in Castle Doorwerth. Her husband, a knight, was frequently away, so she took up the company of another man. When Klara’s husband Ulrich heard of the affair, he had his wife murdered. Shortly after, Ulrich and his sons died suddenly. Legend has it that Klara, known now as the Woman in White, roams the castle halls. If that wasn’t creepy enough, there’s a large cave near the castle that locals avoid, since they report hearing strange noises.

Australia: The Aradale Mental Hospital

In 1867, the Aradale Mental Hospital opened its doors and grew to be the largest mental institute in Australia. Tens of thousands of patients cycled through over the next 130 years, suffering a wide variety of tortuous treatments. Experts believe 13,000 people died there. Ghost tours cost $20, and visitors report being pushed by invisible hands and walking through sudden gusts of freezing air.

United States: The Lizzie Borden House

In 1892, rumor has it that Lizzie Borden murdered her father and stepmother with an axe. She was acquitted and lived out the remainder of her life quietly, but her legend endures. The most famous haunted house in America, the Lizzie Borden House now operates as a bed-and-breakfast. Visitors report hearing footsteps, slamming doors, and the mysterious fragrance of a woman’s perfume.  

Aradale photo: Eldraque77
Lizzie Borden photo: Kenneth C. Zirkel