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The Dark Path That Led “Flip or Flop” HGTV Stars Tarek and Christina El Moussa to Divorce

If there’s a TV channel that offers wholesome, drama-free entertainment, it’s HGTV. From home renovations to couples shopping for their dream homes, most shows on HGTV are filled with light conflict about paint colors, countertop materials, and home construction — and it’s rare that any scandal or gossip will make headlines.

But all of this changed when the wildly successful TV shows Flip or Flop began airing. In 2013, HGTV viewers were first introduced to Tarek and Christina El Moussa, a couple of renovating pros. The show became a quick hit, and viewers loved watching Tarek and Christina bicker over design choices and renovation decisions. Unfortunately, that cute bickering took quite a crazy turn when the El Moussa’s suddenly began making headlines off air.

Just a few seasons into Flip or Flop, it became clear there was something wrong in Tarek and Christina’s marriage. Increasingly more headlines began splashing across gossip magazines and websites — and suddenly, things took an even crazier turn when the couple announced their separation. With a whirlwind divorce and their popular HGTV show still airing, fans were stunned that the El Moussa’s weren’t going to make it work.

If you’re still trying to figure what happened to cause Christina and Tarek to divorce, here’s what you need to know about the factors that played a role. The end of their relationship was filled with explosive fights, messy secrets, a whole lot of craziness. And we’re spilling everything we know.

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Tarek Went on the Run with a Gun

One of the biggest headlines Tarek and Christina ever made was in spring of 2016. The police were called to the El Moussa’s home in Orange County, California — and when they arrived, they brought a helicopter and more than 10 cops.

That’s because Tarek was on the run. When Christina called the police during a fight with Tarek, Tarek took off running with a gun in his hand. The police started a manhunt to track Tarek down, eventually finding him on a hiking trail.

What was most surprising was Tarek’s reaction. Despite the fact that he’d terrified Christina, he calmly told the police that he simply wanted to hunt rattlesnakes and mountain lions to “blow off some steam” Police didn’t buy this answer and ended up removing 5 guns from the El Moussa home, just in case.

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Tarek Hooked Up with His Kids’ Nanny

Infidelity will make anyone file for divorce. And if your husband is caught sleeping with your kids’ nanny, you can bet that would make any wife exceptionally angry.

While Christina and Tarek were having problems in their marriage, things got exponentially worse when it was revealed Tarek was having an affair. TMZ reported that Tarek was “hooking up with” the couple’s 23-year-old nanny, Alyssa Logan. She’d worked for the El Moussa family for years as an assistant and caregiver, and Tarek decided to make a move. The two were seen at a concert together, but Tarek claims they never “dated” for long.

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