The “Image” Of This Generations Santa Would Look—Well Let’s Say Weird

Most all of us, when we think of Santa or Father Christmas think of a man in a heavy red suit with white hair, a white beard and a belly that is so round it shakes when he laughs.

Image: Church Farm

However, there are those that seem to think that Santa’s “image” should be changed to reflect the times.  Although that may be true, the suggested new look is just downright ridiculous and let’s just say it—absolutely silly.

So, first off, what are the current suggestions about changing Santa’s look?  Well, seems he needs to lose a lot of weight, trim his beard, and maybe look into some more fashionable attire just to start.

Oh, and let’s not forget he needs a new form of transportation, by way of ditching the sleigh and reindeer, and surely he can move into the 21st century and use email instead of postal mail ((insert tired sigh here))).

Graphicsprings surveyed over 4000 individuals in both the US and the UK and after gathering the data came up with what they felt was a reflection of how the generation of today thinks Santa should look like.  To say the result was shockingly weird would definitely be one major understatement.


The new Santa carries an iPhone and shops Amazon prime from the looks of it.  Oh, and let’s not forget that he has lost so much weight, he is now sporting a pair of skinny jeans.  Oh, and the new Santa is sporting himself some pretty fine ink as well.  Lately, Rudolph no longer pulls the sleigh but seems to chauffeur Santa around in a new flying car.  Oy vey!!

What do you think of this whole new look?  If you are like me, it makes you enjoy the endearing Santa that we grew up with as kids.