“The Good Place” Final Season To Open With One-Hour Special

It’s sad to say that NBC’s “The Good Place,” a rather insightful comedy about the corruption of the afterlife, is taking a bow with its upcoming fourth season. If you’ve somehow never seen the show, it’s a brilliant bit of otherworldly fantasy where four social misfits of Earth end up in the afterlife after their unfortunate deaths. Initially scheduled to be condemned to hell or the bad place, they seek to prove that there’s something wrong with the system and that they deserve to be in the good place aka heaven.

The fourth season is due to start soon and it looks like the final batch of episodes aims to open with a special featurette. According to Deadline, “The Good Place” will air a one-hour special of “The Paley Center Salutes The Good Place.” The special feature plenty of clips and behind the scene footage as well as interviews with stars Ted Danson, Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper, Jameela Jamil, Manny Jacinto, and D’Arcy Carden, and creator Michael Schur. So while this won’t be a holiday special or some silly little aside to the final season, the special is at least a fitting send-off for the fourth season as it takes its last voyage through its weird world of devils, philosophers, and all-powerful not-of-this-world androids called Janet. Considering this show is unlike anything on network or cable television, it deserves such a special.

“The Paley Center Salutes The Good Place” will be debuting on NBC next month with the fourth season to follow soon after.