The Good And The Bad: Reboots of Famous TV Shows

There’s nothing new under the sun. That’s definitely true when it comes to movies and TV shows. Sometimes an update of an old story makes sense, while other times, it’s clear that producers are looking for a quick buck. What are some recent TV reboots and how do they hold up to the originals?


Starring Raymond Burr, this show about a paralyzed police consultant earned the actor six Emmy nominations. It ran for 8 seasons. When NBC attempted to revive the series in 2013, Blair Underwood was cast, but none of the other characters made a return. No one liked the reboot and it was quickly cancelled after just four episodes.

The only tool MacGyver needs


This show originally aired from 1985-1992 on ABC, and starred Richard Dean Anderson as the innovative MacGyver, a secret agent who can get out of any jam with tools like a paperclip and piece of gum. The CBS remake began in 2016 and while it has low ratings from Rotten Tomatoes and its average of 5-6 million a week is pretty low for CBS, it’s had 3 seasons so far. It’s unlikely to run the seven seasons enjoyed by the original.

Hawaii 5-O/Hawaii 5-0

The original ran for a long 12 seasons on CBS and followed the stories of a special police task force based in beautiful Hawaii. The phrase “Book ‘em, Danno!” became actor Jack Lord’s catchphrase for his Captain McGarrett character. CBS rebooted the show in 2010, replacing the letter “O” with the number “0,” and it became somewhat surprisingly successful with both critics and viewers. The revival is currently wrapping up its 9th season.

Rod Serling, original “Twilight Zone” host and creator

The Twilight Zone

This iconic show has seen many versions following its original run from 1959-1964. It’s been named as one of the best TV shows of all time and is frequently referenced and parodied in other media. CBS tried to reboot in the 1980’s (it ran for just three seasons), in 2002 (just one season), and most recently, it’s made another resurrection in 2019. This most recent time around, Jordan Peele hosts, and the upgrade has been pretty well-received by critics and viewers.