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The Deep, Dark Secrets Disney is Keeping Under Wraps

The Walt Disney Company is one of the biggest and most far-reaching corporations in the world. With hundreds of films and TV shows beloved by children and adults of all ages, theme parks that attract millions of visitors, and an ever-increasing presence, Disney has become so much more than an animation studio.

And, like all huge companies, the Walt Disney Company certainly has its fair share of secrets. After all, Disney doesn’t want the public to learn how blockbuster movies and popular theme parks are made. Keeping up the image of happy characters like smiling princesses and powerful superheroes is critical to Disney’s success. But some of the secrets hiding behind the scenes of Disney and its many movies, shows, and theme parks are truly shocking — and completely unexpected.

If you’ve always wondered how Disney can appear so perfect, here are a few deep, dark secrets any fan will be surprised to learn.

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Song of the South Still Exists

Song of the South is one of the biggest scandals in Disney history. This combination animated and live-action film, which was released back in 1946, caused huge outrage. It’s known to be incredibly racist — in fact, it was so racist that Disney yanked it from the public, keeping it under lock and key.

And while Disney fans know that Song of the South was never released on video in America, many don’t realize that the film hasn’t disappeared entirely. Edited versions can actually be found online, if you want to watch a slightly less racist version.

Additionally, although Disney has tried to wipe the film from its history, you can actually purchase copies of it in other countries. Some fans were reportedly able to get their hands on Song of the South in Asia. And, when the streaming service Disney+ was originally announced, a Disney executive made the mistake of telling fans that the entire Disney film history would be available. Which means Song of the South is still around… somewhere.


Walt Disney Destroyed the Career of the Actress Who Played Snow White

Snow White is the penultimate Disney movie. It was the first feature film created and released by Walt Disney himself, and it made history. The classic princess tale even won Oscars for its incredible design. 

And the voice of Snow White herself is truly memorable. The raven-haired princess was voiced by Adriana Caselotti, a young woman who took on the role of Snow White as her very first film job. And unfortunately for Caselotti, it was also her very last. 

Walt Disney himself banned Caselotti from working for anyone else in Hollywood. He refused to allow the voice of Snow White to appear in any works after the film was released — Disney claimed he needed to “preserve the illusion of Snow White.” So, when Caselotti was offered a role by actor Jack Benny, Caselotti had to ask Disney… and he refused. 

Walt Disney ended up using his powerful Hollywood influence to block Caselotti from every working again, ruining her career before it ever began.

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