The Dead Will Return On The Final Season Of ARROW

After nearly a decade of fighting the evildoers of STAR City, the TV series ARROW will soon be having its last hurrah.  The makers of the comic book-based tv show, along with the CW network announced earlier this year that the upcoming season would afford fans the last they will see of our intrepid angst-ridden hero.

As fans already know, the show centers around former millionaire playboy Oliver Queen.  After Oliver and his father were victims of a boat wreck, through a course of unfortunate circumstances, Oliver found himself stranded on a remote island for years.  Through flashbacks, we saw the struggles he faced, as well as his eventual rescue.

Image: Inverse

After returning to his hometown, Star City, Oliver vowed to set all the wrongs his father, and partners were involved in right.  In his attempt to achieve this he took on the persona of the Green Arrow.  With the help of John Diggle and Felicity Smoak, Oliver began a one-man crusade to clean up his city.

Over the past decade, his look has changed, and team members have come and gone, but his agenda has remained the same—saving his beloved hometown, Star City.  In the previous season, we saw Oliver coming out as the Arrow, and even running and winning his bid as Mayor of the City as well.  But, as is always the case, things eventually get derailed, and all does not run as smooth as is hoped.

Image: Cinemaholic

With the series finale rapidly approaching and reports that  ARROW having a rather short and stunted finale season, it is only expected that some old characters would return to see the show off.  However, characters that had been killed off in previous episodes were not expected—but a joyous happenstance none the less.

Two of those returning “dead” characters are Moira Queen, Oliver’s mother, and Malcolm Merlyn, one of Oliver’s arch enemies.  One has to wonder how the show’s writers will write these two into the season in a logical and exciting manner.  With the showrunners being tight-lipped on the subject, I guess all we can do is wait with anticipation for the return of the series in a couple of months.