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The Curious World Of Strange and Possibly Illegal Celebrity Pets

Celebrities are used to making international headlines. Whether they’re catching fans’ attention with news about a upcoming movie or project or are shocking the world with totally wild behavior, famous figures are no strangers to being in the spotlight. But some celebrities’ everyday lifestyles are incredibly strange and unexpected.

And that can extend to the pets that celebrities keep. With a lot of money and power, celebrities often have no problem getting whatever they way. And when they want to adopt a new pet, they often adopt some of the most extreme and surprising animals. A celebrity isn’t going to adopt a simple dog or cat. They’re going to adopt a pet that’s as outrageous as they are. I mean, why adopt a guinea pig when you’re used to driving exotic cars? 

But celebrities don’t just adopt unusual pets either. They tend to choose animals that are totally illegal to own. From tigers and lions to emus and monkeys, these animals aren’t just wild — some of them they’ve gotten celebrities into hot water with the government and animal rights activists. 

Read on to learn about some of the strangest, wildest celebrity pets.

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Vanilla Ice’s Kangaroo

Vanilla Ice may be better known today for his home renovations on HGTV rather than his career as a rapper during the 1980s and 1990s. But one thing that’s always been true about Vanilla Ice is that he loves excess — and that certainly proved true when he adopted a pet kangaroo.

That’s right: Vanilla Ice has a pet kangaroo. In fact, he still has the kangaroo! And its name is Bucky. 

Turns out the rapper adopted the kangaroo without anyone knowing. It wasn’t until Bucky escaped while Vanilla Ice was in London that anyone found out about him. Apparently, Vanilla Ice also has a goat, and the goat happened to open a gate on his property. Both the goat and Bucky the kangaroo snuck out and ran around together. 


Tyga’s Tiger

It might sound kind of obvious once you think about it, but Tyga owned a pet tiger for a brief time. Yep, the creatively named rapper Tyga “adopted” a tiger. This tiger, which was named Maverick, was totally illegal in Tyga’s home in Ventura County, California. 

But Tyga really didn’t care. He kept the 7-month-old tiger in his house, just like you would a regular domestic cat. Tyga reportedly “took good care” of Maverick — but that didn’t matter to local Fish and Wildlife authorities. When they found out about Tyga’s illegal furry friend, Fish and Wildlife authorities moved Maverick to a state facility and charged Tyga with a misdemeanor and a potential 6-month jail sentence. 

Let’s just say Tyga wasn’t the smartest pet owner. Not only did he totally know that owning a tiger was illegal, but he also knew that posting pictures of his cuddly little tiger on Instagram would get him attention. He likely just didn’t realize that posting those snaps would also attract the attention of the government!

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