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The Coolest Nerdy Animal Habitats Built By Pet Owners

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To most animal owners, a pet is an equally important family member. They may have fur, feathers, scales, or tails, but an animal is just as special as its humans. And that’s why so many pet parents go above and beyond when it comes to creating special homes and environments for their animals.

Some animals are especially lucky, though.  Their humans are crafty, and they can turn a basic animal habitat into something extraordinary. And one of the coolest ways humans show off their love for their pets is by designing a habitat that combines their pet and their geekiest interest. From comic books and superhero films to literary or video game heroes to beloved children’s TV shows, there are some seriously impressive – and nerdy – animal living spaces that have been created.

Whether you’re looking for some awesomely geeky inspiration to build your own animal habitat or want to see how cool animals’ playgrounds can be, these scratching posts, aquariums, and even reptile terrariums are going to wow you.

Jurassic Park Hamster Trail

A visit to Jurassic Park is always thrilling – you never know what dinosaurs you’ll encounter, and there’s definitely a risk that those dangerous creatures will escape from their enclosures!

A true Jurassic Park fan decided to bring the famous film to life for a pet hamster, creating a playground or hamster trail themed after the movies with a customized twist. Instead of watching dinosaurs roam around, you could watch your own pet hamster explore its fun trail in an awesome version of “Hamster Park.” What furry friend wouldn’t love exploring this fictional theme park?


Super Mario Aquarium

Super Mario is arguably one of the best video games ever created. It’s certainly one of the most historic, with a long legacy of awesome characters and increasingly fun adventures on different Nintendo gaming systems. But what if you could actually get the chance to live in the Super Mario universe?

Well, one geeky fish owner made this dream a reality for his aquatic friends. He created an underwater version of the Super Mario world, complete with a cloud background, the iconic green tubing, and even a few mushrooms here and there for a little excitement!

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