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The Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Dwellers

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Dachshunds are a popular dog breed — you can’t ignore their cute faces, their hotdog-like bodies, and their adorably floppy ears. And while many people assume that small dogs have big attitudes or too much energy to live in a small, more confined space, that simply isn’t the case with this friendly breed.

Though the Dachshund might be a little funny thanks to its unique body shape, this breed really makes for an excellent apartment pup. They’re small in size and stature, rarely growing any bigger than 16 to 32 pounds in weight and topping out around 9 inches tall. 

This little hound dog has a lively personality to make up for its size — but the good news for apartment residents is Dachshunds love to play, exercise, and even walk indoors. No matter how big or small your living space may be, a Dachshund can make the most of it and feel both comfortable and able to let off steam.


French Bulldog

French bulldogs were meant to be small companions from the start. This breed was created with the intent to make a miniature version of the English bulldog, a tiny pup who would be suited for indoor living. And today, that history is what makes the French bulldog an excellent companion for anyone who lives in an apartment.

French bulldogs are small — they’re lightweight, short, and perfectly sized for small living spaces. And they have a great temperament for spending a lot of time indoors. If your apartment doesn’t feature much outdoor space, the French bulldog will still thrive. This breed requires just short daily walks, and exercise needs are minimal.

These pups love to play, and they absolutely adore being close to their humans. The French bulldog can be great a watchdog, as the breed isn’t prone to barking for no reason. These dogs only make noise if they suspect a true threat.


Bichon Frise

Living in apartment means you have limited space — and it also means you don’t have much room for pups to play, exercise, or shed their fur. Fortunately, however, the Bichon Frise is a dog breed that doesn’t shed, loves to live in close quarters, and has no problem playing indoors.

The curly-haired Bichon Frise is a perfectly petite companion. Well-suited for apartment living thanks to the breed’s small size, welcoming a Bichon into your life means you’ll get the opportunity to cuddle, play, and laugh with a highly energetic fur ball. These pups only grow to be about a foot tall, and they typically don’t weigh more than 18 pounds. Bichons are considered a toy breed, meaning they’re specifically bred to be small in size.

And the Bichon Frise has one of the most notable personalities. These pups are true comedians. They love to roll, tumble, and make their humans happy — and no matter where you live, your Bichon will always be happy-go-lucky.

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