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The Best Dog Breeds for Anyone with Pet Allergies

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Dogs are definitely man’s best friend. They’re energetic and fun, playful and cuddly, protective and caring. But if you happen to be allergic to dogs, you’ve likely missed out on all of the amazing qualities a dog can offer. 

Plenty of people are allergic to dogs and other furry pets. The allergy and its symptoms differ from person to person, but many who get the sniffles and sneezes around pups of all kinds aren’t actually allergic to dogs — they’re allergic to dogs’ dander or hair.

And fortunately, there are quite a few dog breeds that don’t feature the kind of dander or hair that can cause redness, sinus issues, and overall discomfort. There are hairless dogs, dogs who shed less, and even hypoallergenic dogs. 

And though the jury is still out among dog experts about how hypoallergenic a breed can be, one thing is certain. There’s a possibility that you could find a furry friend you aren’t allergic to. If you’ve long dreamed of owning a dog, but allergies kept you from adopting, here are the breeds you need to check out.


The poodle may be considered a fancy show dog known for its impressive stature and fancy curled fur. But did you know this well-known dog breed is actually allergy-friendly?

Poodles are considered one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. And it’s all thanks to their curly coat of fur. Whether you fall in love with a standard, miniature, or toy poodle, these pups all feature a tightly curled coat of fur that doesn’t shed often. Poodles are also typically groomed often, which can reduce allergy-causing dander.

And poodles are excellent pups. They make look elegant on the show circuit, but these dogs are eager to learn, athletic and ready to play, and incredibly smart. They’re a versatile dog that can fit into any lifestyle and any home. 



The Maltese might seem like a dog that isn’t very allergy-friendly — but this adorable little toy dog is actually surprisingly hypoallergenic. 

Maltese pups are instantly recognizable thanks to their gorgeous, smooth, and silky coat. Their long, luxurious fur makes them an impressive dog. And they only weigh about 7 pounds! However, when it comes to allergies, the Maltese is actually quite hardy. It doesn’t shed much, which is great for allergy-prone pet parents.

Additionally, the Maltese is a friendly and adaptable dog. Though small, this breed is a fearless watchdog who isn’t afraid to bark. They have a happy, friendly personality, and Maltese dogs don’t shy away from making new friends and responding to rewards-based training.

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