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Tea Or Coffee?  Depends On Your Personality

We all have our favorite morning brew, whether it be a coffee, black, or a lovely smooth tea.  What any tea and coffee drinkers are most probably not aware of is that their choice of morning libation tells a lot about their personality.

Two thousand Americans were examined in a new poll that aimed to correlate personality types with the primary data being that of whether the participant’s morning cuppa contained coffee or tea.  Everyone knows that to stay ahead in today’s world, the earlier you are up and going, the better.  As a result, 75 percent of those individuals surveyed confirmed that they typically have their first cuppa by no later than 8 am.

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The data results were eye-opening, to say the least in that what is considered the norm—not so much.  It has always been pretty much accepted that those who drink coffee are the energetic, ready to take on the world types—basically ready to go at all hours of the day and night.  However, the data showed that actually tea drinkers proved to be more often the extroverts, as well as the ever-adventurous night owls.

OnePoll, who conducted the survey on the behalf of the Chinet brand, produced data that showed what most coffee and tea drinkers already knew.  That of the fact that your typical coffee drinker will consume 3.4 cups of java a day, whereas those who prefer tea will nurse through 2.7 cups a day.

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Here is where the data gets interesting.  When it comes to entertainment, those who identified as tea drinkers expressed that their television viewing tastes leaned towards such shows as Friends, The Big Bang Theory, and even The Walking Dead.  As for coffee drinkers, their preferences leaned towards Grey’s Anatomy, Seinfield, and The Office.

As for music, the differences are from one extreme to another.  Coffee drinkers surveyed stated they preferred punk, rock, blues, and jazz.  And tea drinkers said their preferences included classical, country, pop and hip-hop/rap.

Those surveyed who were daily tea drinkers confessed to also having somewhat of a sweet tooth, as those tea drinkers were likely, 35 percent more so, to enhance their cuppa with a little honey or sugar.