Studies Indicate Sociopaths Drink Their Coffee Black

As seems to be the case anymore, another day another presentation of study results.  However, this study hits a little closer to home with a lot of individuals, as it involves a possible theory about those who not only drink coffee but drink their coffee black.

The study looks at over 1000 participants with an emphasis on their taste preferences in correlation with their social behaviors.  The results were a little disturbing in that it would seem that if your coffee preferences lean towards the black, then you COULD relish on the side of sadism.  Now, the study says you COULD have these tendencies.

Image: VeryWell Fit

According to the researchers of the study, based at the University of Innsbruck in Austria, amongst those individuals surveyed in the study, the ones that preferred a more bitter rather than sweet taste to their morning java also leaned toward tendencies of more malevolent traits, such as narcissism, psychopathy, and even aggression.

The researchers used several different means and routes to obtain their data.  In addition to self-reported questionnaires based on taste preference, aggression, sadism they included a Dark Triad gauge as well.  When compiling the data obtained from the different routes, it was noticed that those individuals who preferred their tastes more toward the bitter side also exhibited highly disagreeable natures.  The results also indicated that the surveyed individuals moods seem to fall in line with those of a bitter or sour nature as well.

Image: Men’s Health

The researchers were quick to state that the results were not definitive, and some taste preferences can be determined by genetic causes, which would put a whole new slant on the data.  However, they did conclude that results demonstrated a high correlation between both highly bitter personalities with highly bitter taste preferences.


Who knew that your choice in coffee preferences would speak such volumes to your personality and mindset?