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Starbucks Introduces Color Changing Cups

Starbucks is in the headlines once again, but this time it’s not a new or fun drink trend or even a pledge to remove single-use plastics. It’s colorful Starbucks cups. Late last year, the iconic coffee brand announced that single use plastics would be removed from their stores across the world, and reusable lids and straws would become common.

Now,  Starbucks is taking that one step further and introducing their own reusable cups and they are all the colors of the rainbow. The drink menu at Starbucks changing several times a year and specialty drinks are being constantly added in certain countries or due to popular culture phenomenons and even just the changing of the seasons.

These new colorful cups are completely reusable, and they are currently available in the United States and Canada Starbucks locations. The cups reportedly hold twenty-four ounces of liquid and the cups change color when they actually contain liquid inside them. Also, when you order a Starbucks drink with a reusable cup, you get ten cents off of your order.


Right now, Starbucks is offering these cups to the public in a set of five, which includes five cups, lids, and straws you can mix and match until you find the color combination that you want to have. The base colors of the cups are red, brown, orange, blue and green, with various colored lids and straws. As the cups are filled, the colors will change, so customers can expect to see a variety of color in their cups.  The retail price of the current collection is currently $16.95.

Here is a breakdown of the different cup colors. The rose cup is a light pink to coral red, the Citron is a yellow to emerald green, the Sky is light blue to cobalt blue, the Apricot is light orange to tangerine and the Arctic is teal to a raspberry pink.

Credit: Starbucks