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“Star Wars” Cookware Line Now Available

It’s nearly time to visit a galaxy far, far away for the final time, but those beloved “Star Wars” characters won’t actually be going that far. Just from your television screen to your kitchen. Popular cookware maker Le Creuset recently announced a new line of cookware, and all of the pieces are inspired by characters and events from the entire film franchise.

Lucasfilm has long marketed the popular characters in everything from toys to food to clothes and beyond, and now they are exploring cookware. According to a press release, the pieces also throwback to the beginning of the series as they are “inspired by the desert planet that Luke and Anakin Skywalker both called home, this exclusive Round Dutch oven is as unique as Tatooine’s iconic, binary sunset. Complete with a Signature Gold Knob and featuring the pinks and blues of a fading Tatooine sky, this special-edition pot perfectly captures the warmly-lit world in the galaxy’s Outer Rim—the world that first introduced us to the Star Wars saga.”


The Tatooine Round Dutch Oven will retail for about nine hundred dollars and is the most expensive piece, although it’s colors are so pretty you might not want to bake with it. It’s also available in a limited edition all black for Darth Vader.

There are several mini cocottes which are all inspired by the famous droids. There is a yellow one with etchings for C-3PO, a white one with blue and red accents for R2-D2, and another white one with orange accents for the lovable BB-8, which will retail for thirty dollars a piece.

Perhaps the most unique piece is the Han Solo Carbonite Signature Roaster, which is an all black pot with Han Solo frozen in carbonite rid on the lid. His iconic pose and imprisonment can stare back at you as you cook with it in the oven and the piece retails for four hundred and fifty dollars.

Fans can also by Millennium Falcon and Death Star trivets to keep these hot pots cool while waiting to be served, and customers can also purchase a small Porge Pie bird for twenty-five dollars.