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“Star Trek 4” Boldly Going Nowhere

In 2009, J.J. Abrams rebooted the “Star Trek” movie saga by recasting the original cast of the 1960s TV series with a young and talented new crew of the Starship Enterprise. The film was a smash hit and led to two sequels, “Star Trek Into Darkness” and “Star Trek Beyond.” But it doesn’t seem like further adventures of the Enterprise are coming in the future.

While the TV series “Star Trek: Discovery” is still going strong into its second season, the fate of the theatrical movie series has been up in the air since “Beyond” premiered in 2016. A number of issues have held back the next film, from the contractual of Chris Pine having a full plate to the tragic loss of Anton Yelchin before “Beyond” hit theaters. And yet plans had been laid out over a year ago for another film, which would apparently have featured Chris Hemsworth returning to the role of Captain Kirk’s father, having previously played the role in the 2009 film. But it may not be happening now.

According to Deadline, plans for the untitled “Star Trek 4” are being shelved after director SJ Clarkson dropped out to direct a “Game of Thrones” prequel pilot for HBO. And with both Pine and Hemsworth demanding more pay to return, since they’re both big deals now, it’s looking less likely that we’ll be seeing that fourth film anytime soon. Fear not, Trek fans! Quentin Tarantino’s R-rated “Star Trek” movie is apparently still happening, aside from “Star Trek 4.” So if you like your “Trek” to be dialogue-heavy, odds are that Tarantino will adhere to that classic Trek mode of the episodes being more about ideas than special effects.