SONIC Introduces Pickle Juice Slush

It’s officially summer, and with the temperatures rising, it’s a good idea to grab a cold drink. The SONIC Drive-In fast-food chain is looking to capitalize on the popular American flavor of pickles, but introducing the pickle juice slush. Pickle has been a popular flavor in food lately, and SONIC is known for their out of the box flavors and food items. The icy treat, which is lime green, has already been added to the summer menu.

The pickle juice flavored slush is a savory twist on an ice cold summer favorite. Some customers who have already tried to green treat have described it as “delicious.” In addition to the pickle juice slush, SONIC will also sell a pickle juice syrup, so consumers can buy that separately and add it to their food or drinks as desired.

SONIC first debuted the new beverage in June, but announced plans for the drink back in March. The drive-in chain has marketed the savory slush to be paired with foods like tater tots and corn dogs. SONIC is also known for allowing customers to customize beverages and foods much more than other fast food chains across the country.

“Nothing says summer like a Sonic slush,” according to Sonic’s vice president of product innovation and development Scott Uehlein. The pickle beverage has been available from SONIC since June 11 in over 3,500 locations across the United States. Pickle lovers will be able to enjoy this cold and savory beverage for the foreseeable future.

The pickle juice snow cone slush is even brighter than the usual pickle brine, and is a way to franchise the popularity of pickle flavored drinks at trendy bars and restaurants. Pickle flavored foods and drinks so far have not been featured in fast food chains, but SONIC has changed that for summer 2018.