Skittles Singles To Go Lets You Drink the Rainbow

Skittles is one of the most iconic and well-known candy brands in the United States, and has the slogan of “Taste of Rainbow,” since all of the candies in each bag are filled with the colors of the rainbow. Over the years, Skittles have come in many different flavors, although the original kept the color and flavor palette the same with yellow lemon, orange orange, red strawberry, purple grape, green apple, etc.

In keeping up with food trends, Skittles has also released limited edition flavors based on ice creams, they have also released sweet flavors, sour flavors and even spicy flavor.s Fans of Skittles have been able to purchase individual sized basg of Skittles as well as sharing size, family size and even quart sized bags of various flavors in stores across the country, as well as online.

Now, Skittles is entering a whole new relm in turns of customer base. Skittles is releasing the Skittles Singles To Go, which are individually packaged pouches of Skittles powder. These packets are designed to be able to be placed in water, so the water then becomes the flavor of the powdered mix.


Singles To Go is popular among people in the fitness industry specifically, who often add electrolytes to their drinks, as well as anyone who wants to add some flavor to their water. The new product was recently spotted by popular candy social media blogger @JunkFoodMom at a recent candy Expo in the Chicago area.

From the packaging, which is in the traditional Skittles red color like the bag, it seems the box will include drink mixes that come in four different flavors: strawberry, orange, green apple, and grape. Plus, each box will include forty different individual packets, so that’s a lot of Skittles flavor for your water! There is currently no listed retail price and an official release date has not been announced.