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Skittles Dips Are Coming To The United States

More and more specialty and food trend candies have been hitting store shelves now that fall is in full swing. Skittles, the iconic rainbow-colored sweet candy, is the latest to make headlines for there mashup of flavors.

Skittles is a popular chewy candy which is made up of candies that are red, blue, yellow, green, orange and purple, and they are all flavored accordingly. Now, they are being mashed up with yogurt, for an, even more, texture filled candy experience called Skittles Dips.

Skittles Dips are actually already available in the United Kingdom, but they officially are now available in stores across the United States beginning in 2020. According to social media users who have had the new candies abroad, the Skittles Dips flavors are Strawberry, Lime, Orange, Lemon, and Blackcurrant.


It also looks like the packaging for the candy hasn’t been changed too much either. The main package is still red with the iconic rainbow running under the logo. There is also a large red skittle near the rainbow which is partially covered by yogurt, with some other Skittles candies near the bottom of the package

Like other Skittles products, the candies will be available in different packages and sizes. There will be a single serving size which is one and a half ounces and two hundred calories, which will be in candy aisles and checkouts everywhere. Also, the candies are available in stand up or hanging packages and are slightly larger in size.

Customers can also expect Skittles Dips to have a similiar pricing to other Skittles products and these are not expected to be a limited edition item. The new Skittles Dips product can be seen on social media websites, although there is limited information about it even though it is available overseas.