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Skin 411–Ways To Keep Your Skin Happy

With the occurrences of skin cancer growing more and more every day, taking excellent care of our skin is on the top of most of our lists.  However, what if your everyday behaviors harm your skin just as much as, say, exposure to the sun?  Here are some things to avoid, that your skin will thank you for.


Although it is highly suggested that we never leave the house without sunscreen on, most people do not think to go beyond the initial application.  In order for your skin to get the best protection possible, it is recommended that you apply sunscreen several times throughout the day.

Perpetually Picking

A pimple—from the moment you see one you are obsessed.  You can’t stop worrying about it to the point you either pick or pop it.  You may think, in the overall scheme of things that this what you need to do.  However, by squeezing or popping a pimple you are running the risk of infection (from using your dirty hands) or you may end up causing a permanent scar.

Image: Pexels


Most people are unaware that smoking causes long-lasting effects on your skin as well.  When you smoke your skin will age prematurely due to the reduction of vital oxygen to your skin cells.  This process will trigger the premature aging process thusly damaging your skin.


Water plays a vital role in every aspect of a healthy body.  Your skin is no different.  You hydrate your skin from the inside out, and if you do not have enough fluid to get the job done, your skin will reflect this.

Image: Pixabay

Hot Showers

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot shower to help wash away all the tensions of the day?  However, your tensions are not the only thing you are washing off.  Hot water showers actually strip your skin of its natural oils which in turn dries out your skin.


Believe it or not, the amount of sleep you get has a profound effect on your skin.  When you sleep your skin will take that time to rejuvenate itself.  If you do not get enough sleep, it will definitely show.

Your skin, much like other areas of your body, can be affected by many different things.  By being aware of the causes of skin conditions, we can make the changes needed now for healthier skin in the future.