Shark Stolen from Aquarium in Baby Carriage


Millions of people visit aquariums around the world, hoping to see wonderful sea creatures, and sharks are usually a big attraction. Many shark lovers make jokes about wanting to own a shark, but one man took it a step further. Three sharknappers entered an aquarium in San Antonio with a baby stroller and used it to smuggle out a small shark in late July.

The three suspects reportedly entered the aquarium with their own net and used it to extract a small shark from a tide pool exhibit without being noticed. The thieves then placed the shark inside a baby stroller and walked out of the aquarium, getting into a red pickup truck and driving away.

When the aquarium noticed the shark was missing, they immediately called 911.  The local police department first believed the call to be a prank, but was quickly convinced after speaking with aquarium personnel. Surveillance video shows the thieves staking out an interactive tide pool exhibit, and waiting until an aquarium attendant was busy with other customers and snatched the shark.

Then the men entered a filter room and emptied out a bleach bucket to deposit the shark inside. The bucket was then used to transfer the shark to the baby carriage, and then the men wheeled the carriage out of the aquarium and into their car. Aquarium managers were able to follow the men out to the truck but the thieves denied them access to the shark and they drove off.

Police later tracked the truck to a nearby home, where the shark was located inside safely. Two of the three suspects confessed to the theft of the shark. According to police and based on equipment found in the house, it was apparent the men had excellent knowledge of how to care for the sixteen-foot female horn shark they had taken. The shark, nicknamed “Miss Helen” was later returned to the aquarium safely.