array(0) { } Sequel To Edge Of Tomorrow Has Its Official Script

Sequel To Edge Of Tomorrow Has Its Official Script

Director Doug Liman confirmed that the script for Edge of Tomorrow 2, the sequel to the surprise 2014 hit Edge of Tomorrow, is ready, and all that remains is for Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to clear their schedules to begin principle photography.

The original entry into the franchise received a slew of positive reviews, in addition to earning a worldwide box office take of $370 million.  Any fans who viewed the movie may feel a little confused, as the film appeared to be a one-shot deal.  However, the massively successful reception of the film has pretty much fueled speculations and rumors of a possible sequel.

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Admittedly, the massive budget of the first movie, coming in at $178 million, kept the profitability of the film for Warner Brothers somewhat low, still means that the potential of a sequel getting made is up in the air.  Keep in mind, it has been a full five years since the release of Edge of Tomorrow.

Even with all of this considered, the film’s development has continued to move forward, in hopes that Edge of Tomorrow 2: Live, Die Repeat & Repeat will indeed make it to the big screen.  One of the films major hurdles has been cleared after a new writer was hired earlier this year, Liman has officially announced that the sequel’s script is finally finished.


Now that Matthew Robinson has officially finished the script for Edge of Tomorrow 2, Liman has hopes that he will be able to begin principle filming once Cruise finishes his back to back filming of MI:7 and MI:8.  With the confirmation of the final version of the script being completed, it is hoped that the film will now move in a positive direction.

However, as the previous history of the sequel has proved, there is no guarantee that the film will actually get made—script withstanding.