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The Crazy & Dark Secrets Behind Your Favorite Childhood Toys

Children’s toys and games are meant to be lighthearted — and fun. What kid hasn’t enjoyed the candy-themed twists and turns of Candy Land, or the funny contortions of Twister? Who didn’t love the adorable round faces of Cabbage Patch Dolls, or the fluffy fur of a cue little Furby?

But what you don’t know about popular toys like these is that they have sinister, surprising secrets. From unknown recordings to biting fingers to terribly depressing backstories, some of the biggest toy and game fads are hiding some pretty shocking secrets. And some have even disappeared from children’s toy boxes because of these secrets.

No matter how innocent your favorite childhood toys and games might seem, they’re probably hiding something a little sinister. Here are some surprising dark secrets about your most beloved toys and games.

Twister Was Accused of Selling “Sex in a Box” to Kids 

Twister has been a fun, family-friendly game for decades. The worst aspect of the game is the unavoidable tangle of limbs that happens when players collapse onto one another.

But when the game was first released, the top execs at Milton Bradley were horribly offended by it. In 1965, the game was brought before the game company’s leaders, and it almost never made it into production. Milton Bradley’s top brass felt that Twister was too sexual and “dirty” for children.

And Sears was even more offended. When Twister hit store shelves that same year, Sears refused to put it in their catalog, calling it “sex in a box” and “inappropriate.” Apparently, people believed that the whole concept of Twister was just too sexual for kids — something no one would even think twice about today.


Cabbage Patch Dolls’ “Snacktime Kid” Was Pulled for Eating Kids’ Fingers

In the 1980s, there was nothing bigger in the world of kids’ toys than Cabbage Patch Dolls. Absolutely everyone wanted to get their hands on the latest Cabbage Patch kids.

But in 1996, things went off the rails for Cabbage Patch Dolls. In an effort to keep up with fancier, more interactive toys released by competitors, Cabbage Patch Dolls unveiled its newest addition: Snacktime Kid. She was a doll who “really loved to snack” — she came ready to eat with plastic snacks and a mouth that chomped on anything you put in her mouth.

And the results were horrifying. 

Hundreds of children got their hair and fingers stuck in Snacktime Kid’s mouth — and she wouldn’t stop eating. Apparently, the Cabbage Patch Doll was designed to keep snacking until her mouth was empty. So, when fingers got stuck… she kept biting. Parents were shrieking for a recall, and injuries piled up. Mattel finally decided to pull the doll and kill the concept entirely.