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Scandalous Facts About House Hunters HGTV Doesn’t Want Viewers to Know

One of the very shows that put HGTV on the map, House Hunters introduced viewers to the intimate details of searching for a new home and going through the buying process. In just 30 quick minutes, viewers can watch couples argue, compare their home wish lists, and compromise to purchase their dream home. And, after more than a decade on the air, it’s safe to say that House Hunters is a true fan favorite.

People have been tuning in to this addictive home buying show to watch more than 400 episodes, and it never seems to get old. With spinoffs and international iterations, House Hunters is an HGTV phenomenon. But here’s the catch: House Hunters and its production crew are hiding an awful lot of secrets.

While House Hunters might not seem like a typical drama-filled reality show, there’s so much more happening behind the scenes — and what happens when the cameras aren’t rolling is pretty shocking. Here are the scandalous facts HGTV doesn’t want you to know about House Hunters.

You Can Only Get on House Hunters if You Have a Great Story

House Hunters seems completely different from today’s other reality shows — after all, there aren’t any explosive personalities. And the show only shows individuals who are shopping for a new home. But surprisingly, HGTV’s casting department actually works just like your favorite Real Housewives show.

According to former participants, anyone who’s interested in being on House Hunters has to apply. And if you don’t have an interesting, entertaining, or intriguing story, you aren’t going to make the cut. Applicants have to send in 10-minute audition videos, sit through interviews, and come up with a story angle that’ll make them interesting to viewers.

And House Hunters casting specifically seeks out people who are looking for impossible or weird features in their homes, as well as couples with conflict. If you’re quirky, or you and your partner have a tendency to fight under pressure, you’ll be the perfect fit.


House Hunters Replaces Old Couples With Hotter, Younger Couples

Here’s another shocking secret about the House Hunters casting process: even if you’re accepted onto the show, you could be replaced at any minute. The producers have done it before, and they aren’t afraid to hurt your feelings.

Annie, a former House Hunters home seller, was told she’d be showing her Mexican villa to an older, retired married couple in their 50s. However, when the cameras and the homebuyers showed up at her door, she was shocked to discover that the potential buyers were actually an attractive young couple in their late 20s or early 30s.

Why did producers make the swap? Apparently, younger house hunters are more appealing to the audience. So, they had the good-looking youngsters stand in for the older retired couple. Except there was one more problem with this plan: the young couple wasn’t going to buy a home. House Hunters faked the entire episode, all because the show wanted a more attractive and interesting couple.