Robot Planter Moves to Sunlights and Reacts When It Needs Watering

Having plants in your home is both athestically pleasing and good for the environment. However, having a plant in your home also requires some maintenance, like providing plenty of sunlight and an adequate supply of water. Now, one company is aiming to eliminate these issues by having the planter that the plant is placed in take care fo them instead.

Enter the robot planter of the future, a machine that can keep your plant alive for you. The HEXA Plant was actually created by a guy who realized a dead plant could have been saved if it was moved into the sunlight. This guy was Sun Tianqi, and he founded the company Vincross which made robot planter that will move the plant according to wherever the sun is in your house to help keep it alive.

In addition, the robot planter will also move into the shade to make sure the plant doesn’t receive too much sunlight. According to the company, the planter is also interactive. It will “play with you if you touch its base. It also has the ability to spin around and even does a happy dance in the sunny spots of your home.” It’s legs will lift up as it dances. It will also makes noise and light up when it needs to be watered.


The HEXA planter is a small and compact white roomba looking machine, with a black bottom and a white top with one pointed top with the company logo. The plant you own fits onto the top of the planter so that it stays secure. In addition, it has six black legs so that it can walk around your home and find a sunny spot for the plant.

The HEXA planter is actually available for a retail price for $849, and can be shipped in around three to five days. The planter is also lightweight and portable, so it can be placed in a backpack or carried eaisly if needed.