Truth Bomb

RBF May Actually Be A Sign Of Intelligence

I, personally, have been told more than one time in my life that I suffer from RBF (resting bitch face).  Although it is meant as a negative label, usually associated with those individuals that show a lack of interest or empathy, in actuality, experts have stated it is just the opposite.  Those who exhibit RBF are more likely to be both confident and intelligent.

RBF is nothing new, as those with a facial expression that gives them a less than approachable look, have been around for decades.  You can pretty much open up your tabloid of choice, and find your favorite celebrity there, RBF displayed loud and proud.  However, if you look at those same celebrities, they are known for their confidence and intelligence.  Go figure!


In 2015, scientists Abbe Macbeth and Jason Rogers used a face reader software to scan and analyze a number of celebrities facial expressions.  The software showed that ‘neutral face’ on average is only 97% neutral, with the remaining 3% exhibiting underlying emotional expression.  Those who have RBF actually show twice as much emotion than the average person does.

Those with RBF are typically a deep well of thoughts, feelings, and deeper meaning and as such do not openly share their emotions with the world around them.  These types of personalities are considered somewhat mysterious and tend to set back and take in every little detail of what is happening around them.

This personality also presents with being intuitive, and highly skilled listeners.  They tend to take in more of the conversation around them than most people think they do.  At the same time, they are very alert and hyperaware of their surroundings.

Image: The Cut

RBF is not specific to just women, men can also be exhibitors as well.  It would seem that studies show that RBF is equally present in both men and women.

The next time someone says you need to smile more, just think to yourself, they can keep their smile because you are intelligent and self-assured enough to not have to smile.