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Pixar’s Soul Heading For November

It’s going to be a busy fall. With the coronavirus presenting an unsure summer for the movie theater, many films that originally been scheduled for this ample time of groundbreaking box office are shoving their films further down the line. Wonder Woman 1984 has already pulled up its early summer spot and shifted to August. And while some films are heading for VOD early, as with Dreamworks releasing Trolls: World Tour at home instead of in theaters, Disney isn’t about to take that route just yet.

This is why Soul, their latest Pixar animated film that was set to premiere in June, has now been shoved back to November 20, 2020. The film, directed by Pixar veteran Pete Docter (Up, Inside Out), tells the story of a music teacher who catches a big break but loses touch with his body as his soul goes on an adventure of the hereafter, discovering what makes individuals in the universe. Naturally, as with all Pixar films, it’ll be approaching such heavy issues as existentialism when approaching the unknown.

Due to this shoving of a Pixar film down the slot, Disney’s usual slot for their own CGI department will be shifting as well. Going against Disney’s usual Thanksgiving affair, the studio-made fantasy Raya and the Last Dragon will now be hitting theaters March 12, 2021. The fantasy film, directed by Paul Briggs (Frozen) and Dean Wellins (Zootopia), will tell the story of a girl discovering the very last dragon in her world while saving it from a dark force.