Parents Are Infecting Their Children With Chicken Pox

In what seems to be a rapidly increasing trend, parents are throwing Chicken Pox parties in the hopes of purposely infecting their children with the disease.

Chickenpox, which to this day and age remains a highly contagious disease, causes those children to have been exposed to develop red, itchy irritating sores.  Since the sores are so itchy, children will continue to scratch them, which can lead to both infection and scarring.

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So, the question is—why would parents go out of their way to put their children through all this?

The group who claims to be responsible for starting the trend, based in Boulder, Colorado, are advocating hosting “pox parties” for the sole purpose of infecting their children to the virus.

The group surmises that when children are infected, their symptoms are less severe than when adults contract the virus.  In the case of children, they usually contract the virus, develop a few sores, and recover quite quickly.  After having the virus, they have the added benefit of not being to contract it again, as the body has built up an immunity.

However, there is now a vaccine that, when injected into the child, carries a weakened or even dead version of the virus which in turn offers a less risky alternative to the actual virus.  The injected version of the virus stimulates the body to recognize the virus, and combat it, without making the child sick.

The group that is advocating the “pox parties” contain members who do not believe in vaccines, but rather spreading the virus and as a result infecting their children instead, feeling it is a more natural alternative.

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One mother even posted on Facebook:

“I have been swamped with requests to have my daughter share chicken pox, and I can accommodate as many requests as possible.”


The group that believes in the spreading of the disease suggests to ways to achieve infection.  Either have the children play together and when that fails, lock them in the same room so that they are breathing the same air.