Original Iron Man Suit Stolen in Los Angeles

The Avengers have a new mission. Finding the original Iron Man suit worn by actor Robert Downey Jr., after it was reported stolen in Los Angeles this week. The armored yellow and red costume was being kept in a secret warehouse on Weidner Street in Pacoima, and it was realized that it was missing. The police were notified that the costume was missing on May 8.


The costume was made for the Marvel flagship superhero film “Iron Man,” which was released back in 2008. That film, directed by Jon Favreau, went on to earn $585 million at the box office worldwide. There have been several versions of the suit made, with different customizations needed for the sequels and the “Avengers” movies, but the suit has been confirmed to be the original suit worn by Downey Jr. in the first film.

According to the LAPD, the suit has a monetary value of $325,000, and the theft is being treated as a burglary. The suit was being stored at Movie Prop Storage, along with many other props from various films, although the suit appears to be the only item physical stolen from the warehouse. Downey Jr. and Marvel have not commented about the theft.

The LAPD revealed that employees believe the theft occurred sometime between February and April 25th of this year,  between the last time it was seen and the most recent inventory check. The helmet, chest plate, arms, and legs were all taken, so the thieves got away with the full suit of armor.

News of the theft made headlines after the latest Marvel film, “Avengers: Infinity War” was released in the last week of April. Downey Jr. reprised his role as Tony Stark/Iron Man in the film which broke box office records globally, surpassing $1 billion in about a week.