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Nurses Sneak Dog Into Hospital So Dying Owner Can Say Goodbye

It’s always important for terminally ill patients to say goodbye to their loved ones, and sometimes that means saying goodbye to their favorite pet.

In most cases, animals aren’t allowed in hospitals. But a group of nurses at a hospital in Missouri decided to break that rule so that terminal patient David King could see his dog one last time.

With King fighting a losing battle with cancer, his wife, Cindy, wasn’t sure he’d ever get home to see his dog Lil Fee, a Yorkshire terrier. But when the nurses saw how much Lil Fee meant to King, they helped Cindy break protocol and bring him into the hospital.

“He spent about a week in the hospital, and my grandma brought pictures of the dog to hang up,” explains King’s granddaughter, Ellie. “The nurses always heard my grandma talking about Lil Fee. So they encouraged her and helped her get the dog in. They had my aunt carry the dog in a really big purse.”

Ellie says that after sneaking the dog into the hospital, King moved his arms for the first time in days in order to pet Lil Fee.

“It was a moment I’ll never forget,” said Ellie.

Soon after he saw Lil Fee, King passed away. But not before he had one last visit with the dog who Ellie says used to follow him everywhere. It’s amazing how sometimes terminal patients hang on just long enough to say goodbye to all of their loved ones, even when one of their loved ones is a pet.