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New Cauldron Skittles Are The Newest Halloween Candy

Halloween is coming up soon, and popular candy companies are alreasy rolling out the seasonal and limited edition flavors in stores across the country. Some candies and flavors are exclusively to certain stories like Target and Walmart, with different sizes available as well.

Popular candy Skittles has already released one spooky flavor earlier this year, the zombies Skittles, which included rotten flavors. However, that memorable and fun to market product is not the only Halloween inspired candy from the company. Cauldron Skittles have made a comeback this year, after first being introduced back in 2016.

The official candy description from Mars reads “Trick … or treat? Cauldron Skittles Halloween Candy is a mix of deliciously fruity candy pieces right from the witches cauldron,” The familiar orange packaging includes an upside down rainbow behind it so that the candies on it are falling into a black cauldron underneath it, which is rainbow colored as well.


These cauldron Skittles will include five new flavors, including a green petrified pear, a purple gripping grape, an range twisted tangerine, a blue bogey berry and a yellow lurking lemon. The fun size packs, which include about one handful of a sweet Skittles are already available at Target stores nationwide, and are the ideal pack for trick-or-treaters.

There is no official information on a possible retail price for these cauldron Skittles, and no official date for when they will no longer appear on store shelves, but it’s likely they will stick around through November at least.

Consumers who have tried the cauldron Skittles have given rather postivie reviews as well. Fans enjoy the change to pear from the controversial apple flavor and the bogey berry flavor is completely unique to the cauldron Skittles pack, as most of the berry flavors in seasonal Skittles products are rather different from each other. You’ll have to try a bag for yourself and see if you agree.

Source: JohnnyBSweetInc