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Netflix Allowing Parents to Remove Titles From Kid Profiles

Netflix continues to revitalize its user experience. They’ve already added in lists to their UI to make the selection of movies and televisions easier, most likely to be implemented as a more curated option for users later. But the curation may be starting with the parents.

The Verge is reporting that Netflix is making improvements to its parental controls. Currently, Netflix allows users to set up Kid profiles with content specifically for kids. The interface is made to be easier for kids to use and hosts a selection suited for the younger ones so the likes of Bojack Horseman or The Crown don’t grace their screens. But suppose there was a more adult program you feel your kids are ready for, as though they can handle the intensity of Stranger Things. Or suppose you just can’t stand another episode of Baby Boss and don’t want the kids to watch yet another season.

The new features coming to Netflix will allow parents to better decide what their kids can and cannot watch with a management system that’ll allow them to mute or block specific content. Think of it as the next generation of V-chips, blocking out the programs that parents don’t want in front of their children when they’re not around.

Of course, the purpose of the V-chip was more for keeping the more adult programs away from the younger viewers. This Netflix feature is more than likely going to be a tool to keep your kids from watching the same thing over and over again. Which for most parents is a very real issue. Perhaps if the kids can’t select Captain Underpants again, they may expand their tastes.